3x Grace Cards (unbound)

3x Grace Cards (unbound)


Bundle of three sets of unbound Grace Cards at $18 each (compare at $20 each for individual Grace Cards).

The Grace Cards are a curated collection of scriptures and truths that can be carried with you throughout your day. In my struggle, these verses brought me to my knees in humility and obedience as my doubting heart sought to trust again. It carried me to a place where I could see grace in all circumstances and everything in this life was a gift only God could give.

These cards are full of verses to point you back to Jesus. To point you back to the One who sustains and renews us. There are nine sections, each beginning with a short note written from me to you. Following each note are pieces of scripture that speak into the truth I am reminding you of. The sections are as follows:

  • Importance of the Word

  • God’s Character

  • In the Sorrow

  • Fix Your Eyes on the Gospel

  • Do You Believe?

  • Do not be Bound by Sin

  • A Forward Motion

  • Give Thanks

  • Rest in Joy and Peace

This version of the Grace Cards is an unbound (loose-leaf) set of two-sided cards consisting of 44 selections from scripture. This option is especially useful if you plan on placing the cards around your home, using them as bookmarks, or including them in letters sent to close friends.

Other options include an individual set and a bundle of five.

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