Psalm 23 - Brittany Allen - Mother's Day Collection Day 3

I remember how it felt when I first faced the reality of death in my womb. The physical trauma that can occur, the sorrow which seeks to consume, and the loss that stays with you forever. It can feel like you’re walking alone in the darkness, searching for light. You may feel weary or misunderstood. You might feel isolated and downcast. Where do we find comfort in the loss of an unborn child?

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4 Things I will Never Forget

I guess that’s what happens when the heart heals and life moves forward. It’s not so much that you forget the significance or the preciousness of a life. Its that the Lord heals. He covers our wounds with His love, mercy and grace. Sometimes I think one reason he created the concept of time is so that in our finite minds, we can move forward. We don’t always need to be stuck in one place. That’s the freedom that Christ offers through the cross. Redemption. Hope. Peace. Joy.

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Ashlee Karasch