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Psalm 100 - Julia Dembeck - Mother's Day Collection Day 12

Though I don't know you, I feel connected to you. We are connected through grief and through our fellowship with Jesus (and probably many more areas). I wish we could sit down together so I could hear more of your story and the burdens on your heart. But since that is not possible right now, it is my prayer that this letter is a reminder that you are not alone in this journey. You and your baby are not forgotten. I pray these words provide truth and hope in the places that feel heavy and hard.

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Psalm 91 - Abbey Wedgeworth - Mother's Day Collection Day 11

The first time I ever heard Psalm 91, I was in rural Kisumu, Kenya, and I was in a bit of a bind. The job for which I had crossed the ocean turned out to be a bit of a case of false advertising. I was 19, alone, and feeling pretty foolish and afraid. I heard two voices speaking English outside my door, and walked out to talk with them. They quoted a few lines from this Psalm to me, “prophesying” that not only was God going to “rescue” me, but that he was going to “honor” me during my time in Africa. While I was encouraged by their words in that setting, I’ve learned through suffering that their use of this psalm was pretty out of context.

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Psalm 57 - Kristin Schmucker - Mother's Day Collection Day 7

Have you ever had the words “why me?” come to mind. Why am I facing this sorrow? Why has this been so difficult? Why am I suffering when I love the Lord so much? Perhaps you have been there. I know that I certainly have. It has been five years since I lost my daughter Sophia. She was stillborn when I was 37 weeks pregnant. I have asked many questions through these years, but time and time again I have been comforted by our sovereign God.

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