My Story Part 4

This part of my story was written back in 2014. I created a blog specifically for the purpose to writing out what had happened and what was happening in our lives. It turned out that I only ever wrote 3 blog posts. I never finished writing what was on my heart but I guess the Lord knew these were the words He would use one day. He knew I would need them in order to share what my experience was TRULY like with you. He knew these words would be a way to connect with you, to let you know that you are not alone in your loss and in your grief. So please know that these posts were written 3 years ago. Know that my story doesn’t end here and there is so much more to share. I am with you and there are thousands who have gone before you and are right beside you walking in a similar story. I pray my story at least in some small way resonates with you. I pray that though I didn’t feel it or believe it at the time, but as you read my story, you would read God’s faithfulness and His grace in my brokenness.


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If you have a story to tell, I would love to hear it. I would love to sit down on a comfy couch with some blueberry scones and hot tea and listen. I would love to weep with you if that is what you needed. I would love to speak truth into your heart if that is what you craved. But mostly, I would love to be a light and to share the beauty of Jesus with you as we grieve together.


If you feel ready to share you story, wherever you might be in your journey, would you either send me an email or comment below? I would also LOVE for you to connect with other women who are in this too through either the Lilia Grace facebook group or Instagram. Know that you are not alone and that you have women to walk alongside you!




Ashlee Karasch