A Christmas Gift Guide: Thoughtful Gift Ideas For the Hurting Mama in Your Life


With Thanksgiving just days away and Christmas just around the corner, I wanted to put together a thoughtful and meaningful gift guide for those of you who may want to love on that friend in your life but just aren’t sure what to give. I know there are times when, no matter how thoughtful a gift is on your end, you feel like it comes up short and does not meet the needs to comfort your loved one. I want to encourage you that your gestures mean something. They mean that you see her. You are acknowledging and remembering her little one during a particular difficult holiday season.

Or perhaps you are someone who is walking through a season of loss, and you have been looking for a way to acknowledge and remember your baby. This guide is for you as well. I hope these gift ideas can be a starting point for you to think through what you would like as a way to memorialize and remember you sweet little baby.

I also know that you are being bombarded with gift guides at every turn. Every blog and Instagram Influencer is creating gift guides (these can be SOOO helpful but they can also be a little overwhelming!) so I wanted to keep this really short, simple and thoughtful! I hope this is helpful for some of you!



  1. The Daily Grace Co. has a Beautiful study on a handful of hymns that would make a really thoughtful gift this time of year. I know it can be challenging to get into the Word and both of these options would help create space for you or a loved one to connect with the Lord in a non overwhelming way.

  2. The Daily Grace Co. also has a gorgeous Advent study that is really intentional about pointing you to Christ during the Christmas season.

  3. Gracelaced: Discovering timeless truths by Ruth Simons, is one of my FAVORITE devotionals. This book has been such a blessing to me during a season with so many unknowns and transitions. Ruth’s words often cut to the deepest wounds and the Lord has used them to bring so much healing. The artwork is stunning and her words are poetic. Definitely a beautiful gift idea!

  4. GLDN Personalized Jewelry- I am confident that personalized jewelry is one of the most thoughtful gifts you could give. To know that someone took a moment to remember a loved one’s baby and create something so special

  5. Rose and Choc Jewelry- Another option for personalized jewelry could be a ring with the baby’s birthstone. There are so many families who don’t end up naming their little one, especially when they have miscarried in the first trimester so gifting a ring or necklace with either the baby’s due date month or the month he/she was lost would be especially meaningful.

  6. Woven Together was created during a season of loss for the owner. Her and her husband experienced a miscarriage and this business was birthed out of that grief. She started weaving as a way to keep busy and her creations have turned into beautiful works of art! If you are looking for something unique that could serve as a memorial in your home, this would be perfect!

  7. LaurelBox is a company who works to provide beautiful, thoughtful gifts to those who are in hard seasons. They have gift boxes that are beautiful and they also have this feather ornament that would make such a lovely gift. You could leave it as is or you could personalize it with as many charms as you need.

  8. The Grace Cards would provide a really thoughtful addition to any of the gifts above! I am a bit partial :-) but I truly believe these make great gifts any time of the year.

  9. Eunia and Co is a shop I recently discovered and have really fallen in love with the simplicity and thoughtfulness of their work. This card, though not “Christmasy” would be so thoughtful this time of year. Sometimes just a few words have the most impact and mean the world to someone who is hurting this time of year.

I hope this little guide serves as a helpful starting point as you consider the mama whose arms are empty this holiday season. I would to love to hear if you have received a thoughtful gift? What was it? I am always storing up new ideas so I would love to hear them!

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