Welcome to Lilia Grace!

My name is Ashlee, founder of Lilia Grace.

First and foremost, if you find yourself here today having experienced the loss of your precious baby, or if you have a friend or family member walking that road, I want you to know how truly sorry I am that you are here. I know this road has been a difficult one, and maybe right now there are no words to make it better. However, I want you to know that the Lord is near!

How it All Started

Five years ago, I was in the deepest, darkest, loneliest valley I have ever had to walk through.  My husband and I spent two years trying to get pregnant, and we lost three babies. This was the beginning of Lilia Grace.

As the Lord walked my husband and I through that long and hard season of infertility and miscarriage, I spent many tearful nights fighting depression, anxiety, fear, anger—the list goes on. It was so hard for me to pick up my Bible, so I created a small flip book of scripture and encouraging quotes from different authors, and I took it everywhere with me. By focusing on scripture and seeking counseling, the Lord healed my heart, and life began to move forward.

Since then, I have carried the image of hands cupping blueberries close to my heart. You see, that's how big our little ones were when they left us. The size of a blueberry. Hands carefully and gracefully holding blueberries. When I picture that, I think of the Lord—His hands held our babies from before the beginning of time. His hands held them as they grew inside my womb, and His hands held them as their tiny hearts stopped beating.

Lilia and Grace is not only the names of two of my babies in heaven. Combined, it means "all is God's, and all is grace," which I believe the above image captures most beautifully. He holds everything in His hands, and everything He gives and takes away is given in grace.

I can tell you with assurance that the grief you are walking through is not foreign to me. But you know… God is good. He is SO good! He is faithful. He is full of light, and He will shed light into your dark places.

It wasn’t until 2016 that the Lord began to truly open my eyes to the number of women looking for support, encouragement, and hope. A handful of friends and acquaintances had experienced losses and had come to me, knowing my story. Remembering how vital my little flip book was for me, I re-created it and gifted one to each woman the Lord brought to me for encouragement.  

Through a long series of events and people, the Lord continually confirmed and called me to begin an online ministry, specifically for women like you or the friend that you desire to support: that is, those who are experiencing loss by miscarriage. Lilia Grace is my answer to that calling.

With Lilia Grace you'll find biblical encouragement and personal stories through blog posts, meaningful products to bring truth into your home, and a safe online community through our Facebook group.